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Bored of the average health bar and tired of making protein shakes every morning, David & Brande Tawney decided to create something new. After experimenting for countless hours in the kitchen, Protein Puck was conceived! Production quickly moved into a small commercial kitchen which allowed the couple to start selling their new product in local coffee shops throughout the community. It quickly became a hit with coffee shop patrons, fitness fanatics and humans searching for a satisfying, protein packed, gluten free, vegan bar. Next came distribution into natural food retailers, grocery stores and convenience stores. In the last three years Protein Puck has continued to grow in the Pacific Northwest and is quickly making its way across the United States. Our mission at Protein Puck is to provide healthy products from nature to fuel all your explorations. FOOD IS FUEL, MARCH ON!

What People Say . . .

"For our own commitment to living a healthy lifestyle and as a source of healthy convenience, we are officially adding Protein Puck into our life and encouraging our Workout Anywhere members and following to do the same." 
"I ain't no dag'on hippy... and I ain't exactly gluten free... I'm also not a vegan, far from it.  That word actually offends me, and like Ron Swanson I enjoy a good steak and round house kicks to the face, wearing American flag Rex Kwando sweatpants...BUT these lil things are delicious so PUCK IT and try one out"!

-Benjamin Siekawitch
SSG US Army Fire Fighter

"Because of the extensive amount of training I do & working in the construction industry where I am always on the go, or working manual labor, I have had to change up what and how I eat to fit my lifestyle. Protein Pucks are an extremely easy way for me to get some good, quick fuel, while on the go. They are convenient in size, especially the Minis, as well as being packed with healthy ingredients. Most importantly I use them to keep my calories up. It is hard for me to get in all the calories I need during training and these are perfect for boosting my energy levels in a healthy way, unlike typical protein bars." 

-Alyssa Hawley
Reebok Spartan Pro Athlete
Protein Puck Athlete

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